Our Leadership

The foundation of our day to day success and commitment to our customers

Richard Whitten
Chief Executive Officer

As RE’s CEO, Rich knows that the key to ongoing success is the ability to pair structure and strategy with respected expertise and a positive culture.
Rising through Reconstruction Experts from Chief Financial Officer, where he implemented accounting procedures and a performance reporting framework, to Chief Operating Officer, where he created standardized systems and processes to consistently generate high-quality outcomes, to the now Chief Executive Officer, where he focuses on vision and strategy, there is no part of RE that Rich has not impacted. Bringing with him years of experience in multiple business environments, his work in strategy, operations, and finance have allowed him to create scalable systems and a well-defined culture that have grown RE’s business and routinely allows the team to exceed client expectation.
With Rich’s thoughtful and focused leadership, Reconstruction Experts looks forward to continued success making an impact in the industry and in the lives of the individuals we work with and serve.

Alison Kronebusch
Chief Sales Officer

Having hand-selected and overseeing RE’s Sales teams and developing all sales processes, Chief Sales Officer, Ali, has made it her mission to ensure that Reconstruction Experts consistently goes beyond clients’ greatest expectations.
Responsible for Sales & Marketing at RE, she works closely with each division of the company, including Destructive Testing, Expert Witness, and Roofing, to build a deep understanding of how each sector works and using that expertise to revolutionize the customer experience in occupied space services. Ali’s impressive background in property management and experience working with attorneys and engineers results in a profound understanding of ways to continually transform RE’s offerings to more effectively serve the end user.
Ali’s ability to drive sales in each of our existing and emerging markets has resulted in $100s of millions in sales, along with an extensive roster of gratified clients.

Mike Barclay
Chief Operating Officer

From his wide-ranging expertise in the industry to an unwavering stance on positive internal leadership, Mike’s impact on RE’s construction operations and activities as Chief Operating Officer is extensive.
His almost 30 years of well-rounded experience, in everything from product development and project management to roles as an Expert Witness and General Contractor, allows Mike to bring a genuine understanding to projects from a place of true experience. Joining RE from a Fortune 500 builder, Mike has applied his construction experience to RE by standardizing our protocols for safety, security, schedule, cost and communication. Looking inward, he knows the importance of a great company culture and is a strong proponent in the development of employees in their respective positions throughout the company.
Mike’s ability to balance an impressive attention to detail with big picture experience, both internally and externally,is the pinnacle of Reconstruction Experts’ vision.

Steve Pilcher
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Pilcher, CPA, is the respected Chief Financial Officer of Reconstruction Experts responsible for scaling and forecasting all financial development and providing strong strategic recommendations based on operational data and reports. A vital piece to RE’s lifeline who leads the charge of mergers and acquisitions for our company,  Steve is responsible for all accounting, financial, and treasury functions as well as overseeing Human Resources and Information Technology. With over 15 years of industry experience, Steve has gained extensive knowledge in leading financial reporting, operational due diligence, and will effectively steer RE in the right direction during any economic period.

Tami York
Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

RE’s Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Tami, proves that when expert legal experience is paired with an inherent drive to foster productive change, the result is truly transformative.
Joining Reconstruction Experts as in-house General Counsel, after gaining exceptional experience as a Construction Defect Attorney, Tami has been seamlessly navigating RE’s legal needs and providing valuable insight to company stakeholders since 2014. Her growth has continued within the company, expanding her role to also oversee Administration and Human Resources, setting standards that allows RE to service all our clients in the same way across the States we serve.
Tami consistently supports our values and the unique projects we execute with a level of professionalism and the personal touch they deserve.

Adam Maldonado
Vice President of Texas Region

For RE’s Vice President of Texas Region, Adam Maldonado, there are two key elements to every project that are non-negotiable: Safety and Quality.
For 8 of his over 16 years of experience, Adam has been a valued member of the Reconstruction Experts team –having held numerous, important roles within the organization, giving him a deep insight into every facet of our business and sharing his wisdom to further develop our expertise. As an Expert Witness in multiple states, he is an integral part of our litigation support team, while his time on-site managing construction projects gives him an edge in being able to see all sides of execution and meeting needs with a level of unparalleled detail and analysis.
Adam’s passion for the industry is unmatched and shows in the work he does managing the success of our Texas Branch of Reconstruction Experts.

Ashley Douglas
Vice President of Colorado Region

As Vice President of RE’s Colorado Region, Ashley’s expert ability to sell and lead has driven her success, starting as one of our first account managers to now overseeing the entire Colorado sales team.
Managing the success of the Colorado Region, Ashley works closely with RE’s Senior Management to ensure our core values of Safety, Quality, Schedule, Cost, and Communication are fully utilized in the procurement, planning, and execution of each project. For the past 10 years, she has gone above and beyond to foster lasting relationships with HOAs across the region by restoring homes, increasing property value, and making sure the journey to those milestones is transparent and safe.
With her priority being to provide value to each client at Reconstruction Experts, Ashley has made her mark not only as a valuable member to our team but also as an advocate for the clients she serves.

Matt Neitz
Vice President of Florida Region

Matt Neitz is a results-driven sales professional who oversees our Florida region. He brings his knowledge of business, in-depth sales strategies, and exceptional people-first skills to help clients understand that by partnering with us, they will be taken care of from start to finish and receive the best service on the market today. Throughout his career, Matt has earned the trust of many and has maintained strong relationships that in the end, generate repeat business. Between his knowledge, exquisite customer care, and the company’s unique processes, Florida is set up for success with Matt in a leadership role.

Teresa Agnew
Vice President of California Region

With roughly 2 decades of industry experience, Teresa Agnew is well-versed in the California market. As Vice President of our California region, she supports the California sales department and fosters HOA relationships by restoring homes, increasing property value, and making sure the journey to these milestones are transparent and executed with care. Teresa’s fresh perspective and people-first mindset will continue to add value to our company.