When faced with a big construction project, it is important to find a partner that has a plan. Reconstruction Experts supports clients with in-depth preconstruction work – determining all the details of your construction plan to include environmental testing and inspection by licensed professionals, while going the extra mile to uncover any potential hidden challenges and cost impact of the project. Our detailed planning and transparency will give you the confidence to begin work and Love Your Place AgainTM.

Work/Live Residences

Austin, Texas

In 2010, the residents of BelAir Condos, many of whom were first-time homeowners, discovered so many severe issues –including leaking roofs and windows –they had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the builder. The City of Austin inspected the issues and deemed this a serious life safety issue, needing to “yellow tag” the property, noting that only limited inhabitation was permitted. Today, thanks to the work of Reconstruction Experts, the “yellow tags” at BelAir Condos have been lifted, the property looks amazing, the residents are safe,the value of the homes has been restored.